Natural Causes

By Eric Chappell
Directed by Chris Manley, Nell Sparrow

When hired euthanasia expert Vincent is hired by Walter Bryce to help end the life of his terminally depressed wife, things are not as they seem. For example, why are all her suicide letters typed? Why does Walter's secretary keep appearing and why is Walter keen to get rid of Vincent?

The mystery is further deepened by the appearance of Celia Bryce, terminally depressed, but unwilling to leave her husband on his own. 

Throw in a colourless, odourless and traceless poison, a rubber plant, a call to a concerned Samaritan and a lot of cases of mistaken identity and you have a funny, black comedy with witty lines and the question of: who will die?

We are currently looking for people to crew this show. There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether that be with lighting, set, props, costume, make-up or something in-between. If you want to get involved, email us at

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Natural Causes

Natural Causes is well underway and getting ready for show week and the first night of 11th October, so if you haven't got it in your diary and got your tickets yet, get ordering!

We have an amazing cast and crew for the show and we are excited about it!

Check out our facebook page for updates on the show visit the box office to get your tickets! 
Posted 31/08/17

Unoriginal Sin is Over!

Unoriginal Sin closed this weekend to a great reception. The audiences loved the show and the cast enjoyed it just as much! Whilst it was an intense rehearsal period and a short production period, it was a great experience for everyone involved and if you missed it you missed a treat!

Whilst we are so sad to see the show come down, we'll never see Neville's badminton racquet again or experience Father Tomlin's telling Bill where to put his opinion we are onwards and upwards for the next show!
Posted 28/05/17


October 17

Wednesday 11th - 7:30 PM
Natural Causes
Thursday 12th - 7:30 PM
Natural Causes
Friday 13th - 7:30 PM
Natural Causes
Saturday 14th - 4:00 PM
Natural Causes

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